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How To Facebook,Snapchat,Twitter and Instagram acounts

you may have heard peaple haking a facebook Twitter or Instagram account on Social media but wondering how the hacker broke the account even thought there is a strong protection for the computer and you may be amazed by this,but i will tell you somthing that hacking social media  accounts is not easy nor difficult but rather depends on Hacking intelligencenand as the saying goes,there are many ways and one goal
How to Hack Facebook,Snapchat
Twitter and Instagram accounts

perhaps i did a comprensive reseaech about hacking and also defined hackers and searched for explanations of haking education and what is the meaning of haking and how does hacking hack accounts.Well i will give you all the ways that hackers break through acconts Social communication,inclidding difficult and easy ones and i mean only proffessional hackers who do it as for the easy ones , they can start-up hackers of those who don't have much experience applying them,but you need to know that the owners of social networking  sites such as Facebook Twitter Snapchat are very large companies and annually spend millions of money only for the sake of Security
Each company has its own protection system does not expect to penetrate the accounts are the puch of a boutton, but depends on the power of computation and the presence of gaps and on the stupidity of the victim,who is hacked his account
Will give you an exemple on Facebook althougt the facebook company is very old and has a strong protection system,but you hear it is lot of facebook itself  or accounts of famous personalities and they are a group of peaple who check facebook systems and other sites and when they find a serious vulnerability that enables to penerat or manipulate the system they report it and get paid for they discover the vulnerability  some were kept for himself for sabotage purposes

How to hack Facebook account
 the Facebook account penetration is done in several ways and stages,but the purpose is the same and they are hacking the facebook account of cours ther is random penetration and targeted penetrayion and do not worry i will clarify it in a simple way in order to understand the random Facebook penetration; this is a penetration that is target at random people by sending  forged pages or batch mined or penetration or their devices with the aim of penetration thire acconts without prior identification
Targeted Facebook Breach; this is a breach process that identifies people who want to penetrate their acconts in advance and collect important and required parametres that enable them to acces their acco,ts such as phone number email and date of birth

the Stages of hacking Facebook acconts
we also mentionted that the hacking process goes through very important stages for successful accont penetration for example if the hacking process tagets a specific person you must obtain important informaion in order to be able to penetrate the account the moste omportant of witch are;
  • Bring the phone number
  • obtaining the e-mail linked to the accont
  • get the date of brith
  • link thr official page of the facebook accont
Methods to hack Facebook accont
after we learning about the most important characteristics and concepts of hacking a facebook accont,now we will turn to the most importan methods used by hackers to penetrate Facebook wich are common and widely used among beginners hackers or others

Facebook hacked by foged page
 Hacking facebook using facke pages is one of the most common methods to hack Facebook and it is one of the easiest and the way is to send SCAMA or a page very similar to the Facebook login page 
and it is programmed to tacking the source code and modified it and uploeding  it  to the shell or cipanel or any free hosting after  adjourment is sent to the victim and will show his pages Facebook ask him email and password the hacker is hacked Facebook accont Facebook
Althougt this method is easy but it is no longer effective as it was in the past the reason is that people have had an experience with these links and do not free anyone frome the internet users but it has been subjected to a similar penetration of conterfeit pages but it is beneficial to some

Hack facebook using social engineering
social engineering is a basic pillar of the hack process and it is difficult to hack without it and i will explain to you what is sociale engeeniring in a simple way is a methode of penetration or the process of collecting information that is used psichological manipulation of individuels to reach a goal such as access to very sensitive information such as credit card number visa card or phone number or others and this is done with the help of the victim herself meaning that is who give you this information or you can obtain it stupidly from the victime
here is a simple example of sociale engineering as we see that hacker communicated with the victime and informed him that he put his number by mistake and that he wanted the code. in fact this code is a code for resetting the GMAIL password and once the hacker sets the code he will be able to penetrate the email easily and then access to the facebook account linked in the email

Hack Facebook through the available email

this method is very easy and it focuses on random hacking as we know that most users create an email for a specific purpose or to use social networking sites only and rarely enter the email just as we know that social networking sites reauire users to place an email so that he can create an account on facebook or instagram or twitter
But did you know that if you did not log in to the email for a perid exeeding 6 months the email is deleted and becomes available for someone else to use here the hacker exploits this loophole and guesses the email or searches for emails radomly and if it is found that it is li,ked in a facebook or twitter account or Snapchat Creates the associated available email and then performs a password reset and hacking acconts